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This is an example of a blog that could be used as a collaborative resource for photography students. The ‘categories’ could be set up as projects / subjects / galleries etc with students able to submit photos to the appropriate category and peers encouraged to comment on fellow students’ submissions.

This page has been created as a static ‘home page’ – it can contain news of assignments, events, progress etc and will not contain student postings. Student work can be submitted to a general ‘gallery’ page (for this example blog there is a page called ‘The Gallery’) and allocated to a specific category which, for the purposes of this example, have been called ‘fashion’, ‘low light’ , and ‘industrial’ (categories can be created and named as required).

As with all WordPress blogs, entries can be set up as public or private (password protection can be used if required) with submissions only permitted to nominated individuals. Comments can be made by anyone – or authorised users only. They can be published immediately or sent to an administrator for approval before appearing on the blog.